About us

Life is one to one, so why the business should be different? At OneManAgency GmbH we believe in the power of human relations, for this reason, whatever will be the project you’ll decide to make with us,

you’ll be always connected directly with our creative and strategic leader. It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small, global or local, we’re always open to new challenges.
 Left brain and right brain have a different role, but the result of all our actions always comes from the unique interaction between them.
Our working model is based on the same way of thinking. No borders, no walls between marketing and communication, just one mind, one voice, one business. 
One ≠ One. OneManAgency GmbH provides you a network of talents connected each other in the work cloud. We are an open sources agency, picking up the best professional partners, with the
best competences, in every european country. That’s the reason why our official communication language is the English, but we can also work for you in German, Italian, French and Spanish. 
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AU-1 In-House_

If you want to involve us in a project, just call and we’ll be ready to meet you wherever you want. All we need to start is a good meeting, a short espresso and a clear brief. And if you don’t have clear ideas on what you wanna do, we will help you to find the right one.

AU2 Plug-In Dept_

If your Agency need help on some project, we can offer you, all our services, our experiences and our team too. We call it Plug-In service, a piece of us working in your agency, for you, with you.

AU-3 Cloud-Net_

We are one but we’re not alone. We have a network of professional partners for every needs, working in several languages, and skilled for give you the best solutions. Photo Shooting, Video and Audio Production, Digital Stuff and more.



  • Brand&Comms Strategies

    Consulting for communication and brand strategies. Strategic Planning, Data driven analysis, Marketing presentations development.

  • 360° Adv campaigns

    Classic Adv: Print, Poster, TV Spot, Radio & Viral commercials , On-Line Adv. Including original soundtracks, photo and video shootings.

  • Cross media activations

    Integrated media communication, including events connected with real & digital engagement, promo activations and advertising.

  • Multimedia contents

    Tv Programs, Digital storytelling, print and on-line contents, ghost writing for public speeches and interviews.

  • Graphic&Clothing design

    Logos design, packaging, visual identities, branding, merchandising and fashion clothing.

  • Social media management

    Communities building, social media strategies and contents, fan pages & social ads planning.

Our background

If I’d have asked my customers what they wanted, they would have told me a faster horse

Henry Ford

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